Types of Equipment in Our Fleet

The most common type of freight equipment, dry vans are fully enclosed truck trailers that protect your cargo from the elements. They are not climate-controlled.

Dry Van

A reefer is a refrigerated, insulated and vented trailer used to safely transport perishables and other temperature-sensitive items such as food and pharmaceuticals.


This trailer has a flat, open platform that is loaded from the top, sides or rear. Flatbeds typically move industrial equipment, building materials and other large items.


NetCorp Has the Trailers You Need ...

Is your trailer fleet as comprehensive as it could be? Do you require a particular type of trailer for a certain (perhaps recurring) job or for a limited time? Don’t spend money purchasing an expensive trailer that you will not use full time. For short-term rental or long-term leasing, look no further than NetCorp.

Whether you need a dry van, reefer or flatbed trailer, we have the equipment you want. Simply let us know what type of trailer you need, how it will be used (transport vs. storage) and what length of time you wish to use it. Once we have this information, we will provide a quote in a very timely manner.

... and the Service You Deserve

Our entire staff is committed to helping you obtain the best equipment available when and where you need it. Your NetCorp account manager will arrange for convenient trailer pickup and delivery so your drivers can continue delivering your goods to your customers without interruption. Contact NetCorp to rent or lease the trailer(s) you need.