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Rent or Lease a Temperature-Controlled Trailer

A Large Selection of Reefer Trailers

If you transport perishable food or pharmaceuticals, then you know the importance of moving them from origin to destination in temperature-controlled refrigerated trailers, or reefers. Are you looking for a reefer trailer rental or lease? For the best reefer rental or reefer truck lease deal, connect with NetCorp.

We offer late-model, fuel-efficient reefers for lease or rental that are built to resist damage, are equipped with swing or roll doors to facilitate efficient loading and unloading, and are designed to maintain and recover a fixed temperature, even after frequent door openings.

NetCorp offers a range of dependable 48’ and 53’ refrigerated trailers for your over-the-road, regional or local transport as well as storage needs. Their construction not only helps to protect your goods, but it also optimizes payload capacity. Our reefers meet California Truck and Bus Regulation (CARB) requirements for reducing emission. Trailer tracking and monitoring technology is also available. Contact us to learn about our reefer specs and rent or lease the one(s) that best meet your needs.

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