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A Large Selection of Flatbed Trailers

Our flatbed trailers are built to handle rough roads, harsh conditions and heavy loads safely and securely. They require little maintenance and facilitate quick, easy loading, which translates into lower costs and greater productivity for your business. Air-ride suspension provides comfort for the driver, while simultaneously increasing fuel efficiency and reducing tire wear. Removable aluminum bulkheads offer the flexibility to haul loads of varying lengths. Cargo control equipment is built into the flatbed.

NetCorp provides flatbed leasing and flatbed rental services. We offer a range of dependable 48’ and 53’ flatbed trailers for your over-the-road, regional or local transport as well as storage needs. They are available in various models, including flats, drop deck flats, double drops and more, in closed-tandem or spread-axle designs. Contact us for all your flatbed trailer rentals or leases. We’ll help you choose the vehicle(s) that best fit your specific needs.

Why Work With Us?

NetCorp has 20 years of experience in the industry as a multifaceted transportation services provider. We specialize in flatbed trailer leasing, rental and sales, as well as yard spotting and trucking. We are committed to providing quality service for our clients. In fact, our trusted business is available 24/7 for all your trucking needs. When you work with us, you can streamline your trailer equipment and service requirements.

Flatbed Trailer Rental Services

If you need a semi flatbed trailer rental, NetCorp has you covered. These units are perfect to use on a short-term basis.

Benefits of Renting or Leasing Flatbed Trailers

Leasing or renting flatbed trailers offer many advantages compared to buying them. For instance, they are low maintenance and convenient. Trailer leasing and renting also provides flexibility and scalability for your operations, as well as cost savings.

Renting Flatbed Trailers vs. Leasing

A semi-truck flatbed trailer rental provides the flexibility to meet your various business needs. You can rent from a week up to a year. On the other hand, leasing is ideal for longer-term needs. Leasing also lets you easily maintain a new fleet.

Contact us today for flatbed trailer specs and seamless solutions for renting or leasing the flatbed trailers that best meet your needs.

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